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Pilot Farm

The Pilot Farm is an 80-acre sustainable, high elevation mountain farm of sun-grown craft cannabis. The farm is on a steep canyon overlooking the Colestin Valley outside of Ashland, Oregon.

Sustainability, biodynamics and genetic diversity are central to the farm’s philosophy. Everything is grown pesticide free and nutrients are only added when necessary. Rather Pilot Farm relies on “sun, native soil, farm-made compost teas, and the smallest level of interventions possible. “

All of their plants are entirely grown from seed, which means that no two plants are exactly alike. The Farm believes that genetic diversity promotes stronger, pest resistant and drought tolerant cultivars. They cross germinate on site to produce complex, terpene rich, diverse and balanced strains, resulting in the “distinction that is Pilot Farm.”

They grow everything outdoors, fully exposed to the elements and seasons. The farm tries to work with nature to develop ecological systems that “treat the entire farm as one organism living in harmony with the natural world”. The farm’s rich soil is full of minerals that help to promote health and they leave their plants to grow as they wish, without too much manipulation. They also make use of compost teas that they create on the farm. These mix together organic manager and beneficial microorganisms to help build healthy soil and plants without the need for chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

Thanks to their practices, the Pilot Farm has been Clean Green Certified. The Clean Green Certification was established in California in 2004 and recognizes those growers and businesses that maintain a sustainable environment.

The Pilot Farm believes that their unique location helps them to produce the best quality products. They are between 3,800 and 4,500ft elevation with hot days and cold nights that prevent a dryness in the air that hugely benefits outdoor cannabis farms. The elevation ensures that the plants receive plenty of sun, producing terpenes and trichomes. The air and mountain breeze strengthens the plants and helps protect against molds and bacteria while the on-site well waters the plants with the same water that has always fed the mountain.

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