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CBD wax is a gooey CBD concentrate that is sometimes known as CBD crumbles, CBD shatter, CBD live resin or CBD budder.

Most people will dab CBD wax. This means that it is heated using a device such as a vaporizer, and then inhaled. When you dab CBD wax you will feel the effects almost immediately so it is a great method of taking a high dosage very quickly. You can then top up as you feel necessary, just by dabbing a little more.

CBD Wax is made using the CO2 extraction method. CO2 is what is known as a “tunable solvent”, which means it is very versatile for creating different end products by controlling factors such as temperature and pressure. These phase changes allow the dropping out of components of different weights from the plant material, resulting in a very high purity product.

Thanks to the fact that CBD wax has a high concentration and it is very fast acting, it is the perfect option for those using CBD for pain relief. It is an entirely natural and organic product, and it is completely safe for most people to use.

As noted, the term CBD Wax is actually used to refer to a range of different products, shatter, live resin, crumble and budder. These are all different forms of wax. CBD Shatter has a cloudy appearance and has terpenes added to it for flavor. CBD Live Resin is made using cryogenically frozen buds, which helps to preserve cannabinoids and terpenes. CBD crumble is made using a pre-purged CBD oil that results in a softer, crumbly substance. CBD Budder is a wax produced at higher temperatures and air pressure that makes it fluffier and waxier, and similar in texture and appearance to cooking butter.

We offer a range of CBD waxes in different flavors, find those that appeal to you and start enjoying all the benefits of CBD straight away.

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