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91 Krypt Indica Cannabis Strain

91 Krypt won’t leave you six feet under, but it will make your body feel like it’s been put to rest or is rising from the dead. In a good way.

Creation of the geneticists at DNA Genetics, 91 Krypt is a mix of DNA’s own Captain Krypt OG and Cehmdawg ’91. The resulting strain is sharp and stimulating with earthen notes that, well, invoke the archetype of a crypt.

The strain is an 80% Indica and 20% Sativa cross that has an average THC content of 20%. Due to its heavy Indica genetics, 91 Krypt will no doubt have you ready to stay in place for a while when you’ve had a taste. In this case, it’s recommended for use in the twilight and nighttime hours.

The strain has many uses, which come in the form of alleviating mental stresses, fatigue, combating depression, and nausea or appetite loss.

Bright green buds with lightly colored hairs and a shimmering coat of trichomes entice the eyes, while the smalls and taste of the strain are equally inviting.

When it comes to the smell of the flower itself heavy and musty with berry overtones. The flavor is sweet and sharp, likely due to its high limonene terpene content. The exhale will likely elicit a fit of coughing and that can turn some consumers off.

91 Krypt is suitable for growing operations both indoor and outdoor. The yields are moderate and seeds readily available. A high THC content and satisfying end result will reward the conscientious grower after a 65-day flowering period.

91 Krypt Cannabis Strain Profile

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