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An Indica Dominant Hybrid Strain

Coming at us from the wonderful breeders at Rare Dankness Seeds in Colorado, gallops Blue Ox. This exquisite bud is rich with mysterious possibilities, to the extent that you will have to come back for more. These folks had the audacity to cross the Blueberry and The Ox strains, gifting the plains a whole lot of muscled goodness. Saddle up, if your able, as this bovine beast will thunder in your direction carrying a moderate 16% THC level, that could quite possibly knock your socks off.

This bud has dense and resinous nugs with surprisingly vibrant blue and purple colours and bright red hairs. Each nug is super sticky and has fine milky crystal trichomes. Flavours of rich hot chocolate topped with coffee and a slight berry tinge. The aroma is very spicy, with a mocha smell complemented by pungent earth.

The high from Blue Ox is all kinds of wonderful. It begins with an immediate cerebral pleasure that spreads joy throughout your mind. This joy, in turn inspires bursts of creativity, so have your instruments of creativity at hand.  If that’s not your bag, then social interaction comes in to play, as your ability to engage with all around you will be an enjoyment. Soon after these sensations, a tingling will begin to spread throughout the body as your physical being will be wrapped in a blanket of pure relaxation. Be sure to have a comfortable couch nearby and some snacks. This will be your heaven.

These effects coupled with its 16% average THC level make Blue Ox ideal for treating patients suffering from conditions such as appetite loss, chronic pain, headaches or migraines, insomnia and muscle spasms.

Very little is known about the growing or cultivation of Blue Ox. However, what is known is that if grown indoors, this beauty should flower in 8 to 10 weeks.

If it is a euphoric and deeply relaxing high you seek, then Blue Ox is the bud for you.

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