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A Sativa Dreamscape Cannabis Strain

This is science, people! So, put away your bibles and believe the real truth. Bay 11 is a demon that punches till the sun goes down. Dr. Frankenstein, for this particular monster, is a medical cannabis breeder by the name of Ken Estes. You may know him from his unleashing of Granddaddy Purple upon the world. Bay 11, it has to be said, is proper funky. Its flowers have been found to have a red-eyed wonder THC content between 15% and 25%!

These small to medium-sized flowers huddle together like frightened children, but on closer inspection, are a bit fluffy and quite feathery. There is a mossy, green-like consistency to them. The buds themselves are quite sticky but are far-removed from resinous strains like White Widow. They give off a very skunky odour, so may need to be double-bagged, for your own peace of mind. Bay 11 gives off a very smooth smoke that gifts you a lovely citrus taste on the exhale.

There is an observance from the effects – one may begin to think more deeply and deliberately about things that would otherwise go unnoticed. Smokers report feeling anything from de-stressed to flying high in the friendly sky. Couch-lock is always a risk. (Check your experience for further details).

Bay 11 could very possibly aid anxiety and depression. Its indica sedation could also relieve moderate aches and pains. This wonderment is best enjoyed in the daytime. For anyone suffering from anxiety, this may lead to paranoia.

The Bay 11 seeds are available to buy online. It can be successfully cultivated indoors or outdoors, although outdoors requires temperatures of between 72F and 80F.

Bay 11 offers the best of what balanced hybrids have to offer.

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