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A Sativa Dominant Hybrid

If you’re lucky, you may have just made a new bestie in the form of Jinxproof Genetics’ Best Friend OG. This sativa dominant hybrid brings together Hell’s OG and Purple Haze to gift the user a high that is perfect for those social gatherings when you may need a little bit extra fuel to get conversations going and flowing.

The buds of Best Friend OG are simply beautiful. They have olive green fluffy nugs with bright orange hairs that are speckled with clear trichomes and completely coated with a super sticky and sweet syrupy resin.

The aroma that emanates from Best Friend OG is one of pungent rotting fruit with a dank grape overtone that gets more intense and spicier the more you smoke. This bud has an incredibly spicy and fruity flavour with a subtlety sweet exhale.

If you enjoy getting the giggles and randomly laughing at things or people around you, then the Best Friend OG high is definitely for you. This sense of fun is coupled with euphoria and an ease that will gift you the ability to hold real conversations with anyone around you.

The medicinal benefits of Best Friend OG are second to none, for both physical and mental issues. Anxiety and depression are shown the door once you indulge in a toke or two. The painful symptoms of arthritis will fade away, as well as any headaches or migraines, after you smoke this bud.

The Best Friend OG plant matures in about 7-8 weeks. After this time period, you will end up with a medium sized yield that is gorgeous to look at.

All in all, Best Friend OG is a winner at any time. She will bring an inordinate amount of joy and act as a social lubricant in almost any scenario.

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