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A Sweet Sativa from Arjan Roskam

Strawberry Haze is a sativa-dominant cannabis strain that was created by the famous Arjan Roskam. It is quite a rare strain, but it is thought to have been bred by crossing Northern Lights #5, Haze, Kali Mist, and a Swiss sativa. In 2005, the strain won first place at the Green House Very Important Smokers Panel.

The strain ranges in potency from 13% all the way up to 22% THC. The nugs are classic green with hints of red tones and there is a layer of small white crystals over them. Those who enjoy strains with a sweet smell and taste are sure to love Strawberry Haze, thanks to its fruity aroma with earthy undertones.

The high from Strawberry Haze is perfect for those seeking something uplifting but not too energizing. Most users say that the high begins with a strong sends of euphoria and energy that evens out fairly quickly. Some get the giggles while others say that it helps them focus. The physical effects are said to resemble being covered with a warm and fuzzy blanket.

Surprisingly for a hybrid, Strawberry Haze tends to have roughly 1% CBD, which makes it a good choice for medicinal users. Many have found the strain helpful when dealing with anxiety or depression, and it can also help with ADD or ADHD. It has also been known to help with pains such as migraines, muscle cramps, joint pain, and so on.

It is quite hard to find Strawberry Haze seeds, so home growers may have to look to a different strain. However, it is said to be easy to grow both indoors and outdoors, with a flowering time of at least 10 weeks.

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