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An Extremely Strong Sativa

Alaskan Ice is a sativa strain that is well known for having one of the highest THC levels around and therefore, one of the most powerful highs. The strain is the product of a cross of Mexican, Columbian and Thai strains. Its heritage brought together the White Widow and Sativa Haze strains.

The plant itself is extremely resinous. Just like its White Widow mother, it produces numerous crystals that give the plant a white tint and will cause your fingers to become sticky after touching the buds. When it comes to smell, the aroma is often described as spicy and similar to cedar and black pepper with a hint of moss. When smoked, after an initial bitterness, it has a fresh herbal sandalwood taste that is very pleasant.

As it is a particularly powerful strain, people use it for many different medicinal reasons. Some say that it helps with depression and stress, while many say that it can help with focus. It is also known for helping with pain, in particular chronic back pain. Many people who struggle with sleep have also said that Alaskan Ice helps them achieve a good night rest.

When grown indoors, Alaskan Ice will reach around 5 foot; however, when growing outside in natural sunlight it will often reach double this height. Outside, the strain has a flowering time of around nine weeks assuming it has even temperatures. Once mature, the plants acquire a thick white crystal coating, reminiscent of untouched snow, which is what gives the strain its name.

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