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Afghani CBD a unique approach to the landrace

Afghani CBD will not pack the same kind of punch that its hybrid brethren are known for. However, it’s got a unique quality that those siblings could not hold a candle to. That’s the inclusion of a significant amount of CBD in its chemical makeup.

A reproduction of the landrace Afghani strain, this iteration is noted for its considerable CBD content. Afghani CBD has been tested to hover at around 7% THC on average, but its CBD content rises to equal measure. Some anecdota accounts measure THC as high as 17%, though verified lab results to support those claims are not readily available.

Afghani CBD is a product of Canadian LP Tilray, which has endeavored to bring a unique Afghani variant to market. Most would say they’ve succeeded finely.

This medically-focused strain is a 75% Indica and 25% Sativa blend that serves to alleviate some symptoms associated with depression, chronic stress and fatigue, chronic pain, joint and muscle inflammation, and more. The psychoactive component of this strain, while quite subdued, is still present.

The aromas associated with Afghani CBD are indeed pleasant, incorporating abundant sweetness with generous berry-like qualities. The flavors are packed with mouthwatering berry character as well as grape and citrus.

This strain is quite durable and will thrive in cooler environments. Though, it is not available to the home grower. Commercial growers may be able to procure seeds or cuttings. The resulting yields of these plants will generally reach 10 to 12 ounces per plant.

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