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BC Big Bud was created by Jordan of the Islands, growers based in British Columbia, and it is a cross of the popular indica Big Bud with an unspecified sativa strain. The result is a hybrid that provides a balance of head and body effects and with THC levels that have been measured between 12% and 21%.

As the name suggests, BC Big Bud produces huge flowers that have a spherical shape and are densely packed. The leaves are a dark green and covered with orange and brown pistils together with white trichomes, making them very sticky.

The strain has an aroma of skunk and earth, and when ground, it gives off a smell of rich spices. The smoke when burnt is quite harsh, but it has a pleasantly sweet and piney taste when exhaled.

The effects of BC Big Bud can be felt very quickly. It begins with pressure around the eyes and forehead together with an increase in thinking. Smokers may find themselves pondering concepts that otherwise would seem dull. Many have said that it is a strain that can help them focus on completing tasks. However, with time, the indica effects kick in and a deep body relaxation starts to take hold. While it is unlikely to result in couchlock, it can make moving around seem like a lot of effort. However, there is still mental stimulation, which means it can be a great strain in social situations.

Medicinally, BC Big Bud can help with attention deficit disorders and possibly stress and depression. It may also help to relieve pain from injury or chronic conditions. However, it is not recommended for those who are prone to panic or paranoia.

Seeds of BC Big Bud are easy to obtain and the strain can be grown indoors and outdoors.

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