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A Canadian Indica-Dominant Strain

Despite its Scottish name, Argyle is an indica dominant strain from Canada that was created by LP Tweed. The strain is a cross between Sensi Star and a landrace from Afghanistan. The result is a strain that has high levels of THC and CBD, making it useful for medicinal purposes and despite relatively low THC levels of between 6% and 13%, the THC and CBD work together to produce a potent high.

Argyle has flowers that are medium to large in size with a roughly conical shape. The leaves are a bright lime green and decorated with bright orange pistils as well as cloudy white trichomes, which make them hard to break up by hand. The aroma combines the sharp tones typical of Afghani strains together with herbal undertones. When ground, the flowers give off a skunk smell. When burnt, Argyle produces acrid smoke that can burn the palate and it tastes woody on the exhale.

The high from Argyle is slow to set it and it begins with a heaviness in the head and face. From there, waves of relaxation roll down the body, eventually leaving smokers in a state of euphoric laziness. It does not do much to stimulate the thought process, but it can warp the senses, resulting in a psychedelic experience. As time passes, the feeling of relaxation tends to grow and may ultimately result in couchlock. As such, it is a strain best suited to evening use or days when you don’t have anything that needs to be done.

Medicinal users have said that it can help to take the edge off stress, depression and anxiety. Furthermore, it can also help sooth physical pain such as muscle cramps and headaches. It may also help those with sleep disorders and it is a good option for those who are prone to panic, as it is not known to induce paranoia.


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