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A Slow Growing Indica

Purple Urkle is a very famous indica strain but its exact origins are unknown. The strain has been around since at least the 1980s and it was first grown in the Emerald Triangle area of northern California (Humboldt County). It is often called “Puple Urple” and “The Urkle”.

Most of the long-term cannabis growers from the Emerald Triangle region are secretive about their strain hybrids and genetics. However, most growers assume that Puple Urkle was the offspring of either Mendocino Purps or Grand Daddy Purple.

The effects, taste and smell of Purple Urkle are similar to those of most purple strains of marijuana when grown properly. It has a sweet and skunk-like smell that contains the aromas of tropical fruit and grapes. As with most indica dominant strains, its effects can be lethargic and relaxing, making it a good choice for treating insomnia and anxiety. It is also regularly used to help with pain management and as an appetite stimulant.

As Purple Urkle has strong sedating effects, it is best used in the evening and night time. It is generally considered very potent and just a couple of hits are enough to get the full effects. It has THC levels of over 20% and as a result, novice users may find that it is best to start with lower doses.

Purple Urkle takes a long time to grow, especially when it is grown outdoors. It will often take up to five full months to flower when growing outdoors. However, indoors it can flower as quickly as eight weeks. As is typical of indica strains, the plants remain fairly short and stocky with slightly below average yields. Grown indoors it will produce 1 to 2 ounces per plant and around 1/2 a pound a plant when grown outdoors.

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