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A pure indica strain, Bad Azz Kush produces a high quantity of THC, and a low level of CBD. It is born from a cross between Urkel, Original OG, and Afghan Kush strains. The end result has ensured a titan of an indica variety that will be favoured by almost all seasoned smokers, because of the full-strength high that it gives. Immediately noticeable will be its enticing earthy and spicy flavours, with a generous hint of berry and hashish aromas. In terms of smell, taste, and high, this strain will be enormously pleasing to any connoisseurs who regularly smoke Bad Azz Kush.

Its THC content is a huge 24%, and as a result it produces a heady and very potent indica-based high. This will most likely bring on a very strong feeling of relaxation, as well as feelings of serene calm and couch-lock.

As it is a pure indica strain, Bad Azz Kush is most suitable for use in the evenings or at night, and certainly wouldn’t be an ideal choice of strain for use during the day, especially when having to work or trying to complete other tasks. It is ideally placed for use in a highly laid-back and relaxed environment, where significant focus or physical activity wouldn’t be required. As such, it is a superb choice to smoke when wishing to enjoy some relaxing downtime, perhaps whilst watching a film, or even just chilling out with friends.

Owing to its indica traits and elevated THC content, the intense high brought on by smoking this strain could definitely have some potential medicinal value in terms of stress relief, reduction in muscular tension, and helping with insomnia.

Suitable for both outdoor and indoor environments, the latter will produce plants that can reach an average height of around 100 to 110cm, making them easy to manage and an excellent choice where space may be limited. Indoor plants can also achieve yields of approximately 700g per m2. Conversely, outdoor plants can frequently grow much larger and will be harvestable at the end of September. Its optimal flowering time is anywhere from 55 to 60 days.

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