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Created by DNA Genetics in the Netherlands

As an indica-dominant hybrid strain, Baker’s Delight is 70% indica and 30% sativa. It is a sublime cross resulting from blending the delectable The Cookies and Sorbet strains. It is most suitable for anyone who is looking for a relaxing and ultra-warming high that will also assist them in reaching a state of deep calm.

As a result, it is particularly good for those who suffer with insomnia, as it can induce a deep and good-quality sleep; users often describe it as feeling like they’re lying under a warm blanket. The high it elicits is gradual with a slow building effect that gently takes over the body in warm waves, inducing a slight tingling effect, whilst taking away all feelings of aches or pains. The result is a sensation of ultimate physical and mental relaxation, and a total state of calm. As this feeling of tranquil relaxation ensues, a mental clarity will simultaneously occur, and feelings of sharp mental acuity and increased focus and mental energy are often described from those who use it.

Because of these superb effects alongside its very high 20% to 21% average THC level, it is a strain that is often a favourite amongst those wanting to treat such conditions as chronic anxiety, depression, chronic pain, stress, ADD or ADHD, insomnia, chronic fatigue and many more.

Baker’s Delight is a bud that has a deliciously fruity, sweet and creamy flavour, with definite notes of citrusy lemon and ripened berries upon exhalation. Its aroma is also very similar, having a tangy citrus undertone that is punctuated by a herbal yet slightly sweet scent of fruits.

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