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is a powerful hybrid

Arabian Gold is a mysterious hybrid cannabis strains with unknown origins. While it is said to be 50/50 sativa-indica, it has strong sativa effects and is known for its fantastic high.

The strain’s THC levels have been found to be as high as 22% but most batches test around 11% and that is the number normally shown in dispensaries. The nugs are dark green with lots of golden pistils and trichomes, and it gives off an aroma containing both hash and earthy scents. The taste is very similar to the smell, with some claiming that there is a hint of tea, and despite its moderate THC levels, the high has been known to last for hours.

Users have reported a variety of effects from Arabian Gold, but all agree that they are intense. The effects include euphoria and creativity, as well as tingling and relaxation. While the strain will leave you happy, it also induces a strong mental fog, which can make it difficult to maintain a train of thought. However, it is so uplifting that you will likely find this funny.

Arabian Gold may also have numerous medicinal benefits. For starters, it induces hunger so it can help those with appetite problems. However, it is best known for relieving stress and anxiety, as it makes smokers extremely happy. Many also use it to help with sleep issues, as it puts users in such a mellow state of mind.

There is not much information about how to grow Arabian Gold. It is best grown indoors, has a flowering cycle of roughly 8 to 10 weeks, and it should produce a medium sized yield.

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