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Afghani Kush Cannabis Strain heavy Indica parentage

Afghani Krush is a combination of Landrace Afghani and Grape Krush strains. Together, the two parents create a moderately potent cannabis strain that is predominantly Indica, though its Sativa genetics do come through to positively impact the mood of consumers.

Afghani Krush has been tested to contain an average of 15% THC.

Most users of this strain report it has benefited their disposition greatly, offering an uplifted feeling, engaging social benefits, and a focused mental state.

When it comes to the medical benefits of this strain, most will find it does well to counter the symptoms of such conditions as chronic pain, depression, chronic fatigue, muscle spasms, and stress.

The aromas have been described as including pungent earthy tones and grassy notes, while the flavor is a mix of thick citrus, berry, and spice.


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