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13 Dawgs Hybrid Cannabis Strain

Developed by Delta 9 BioTech, 13 Dawgs may have a historically unlucky number in its name, but the strain is full of benefits for those fortunate enough to get their hands on some of this sweet sticky flower. The strain has an average THC content of 16% according to lab testing from a variety of sources. This makes it a good choice for users with a low tolerance for THC and its psychoactive effects.

This strain has been bred by combining Chemdawg and G13 strains. The result is a fairly even mix of Indica and Sativa qualities that help relax, revitalize, and instill a rejuvenated feeling in users.

Somatic effects include relaxation, body high, and appetite stimulation. On the mental effect of 13 Dawgs, the most common occurrences reported by users include mood elevation, general happiness and wellbeing, as well as increased creativity.

Some common side effects match those which are found within a wide range of cannabis strains, with users reporting mainly dry mouth and to some extent dry eyes.

13 Dawgs is a cannabis strain that can be used to address a number of conditions for users, ranging from alleviating discomfort associated with menstrual cramps and headaches to helping with depression, anxiety, and stress reduction.

13 Dawgs has a distinct earth musk with sweet aromas that complement its woody, citrusy flavor.

Currently, seeds are not available for purchase online. Home growers can instead endeavor to obtain clipping from a “mother” plant and raise these genetically identical clones to maturity. The plant responds best to environments that mimic the semi-humid Mediterranean climate with consistent temperatures that hover around 70 Fahrenheit. Sativa genes are most apparent in the plants physical stature, meaning it grows tall. So, account for headspace when growing indoors or outdoors or be ready to prune in order to keep vertical growth in check.

13 Dawgs Cannabis Strain Profile

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