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12th Man OG Hybrid Cannabis Strain

12th Man OG is a 50/50 split hybrid cannabis strain with bulbous buds and classic OG Kush characteristics that make this strain a top seller among medical patients and recreational users.

Heavy, skunk, and earthy floral notes give an instant impact and understanding of the weight behind this persistent genealogy in cannabis.

The strain has been tested with an average THC content of 26%, which only reinforces its commanding presence in a crowded field of OG spinoffs. 12th Man OG’s parentage is shrouded in secrecy by breeders at The Bank Cannabis Genetics who developed the strain.

While the strain is an even split of Indica and Sativa, it is said to have a much heavier presence in the body category when compared to its effects on the mind. This leads most users to choose this strain for its relaxing body high that will alleviate chronic pain and nausea. That is not to say its Sativa traits are understated. They are not in the least. Users will also enjoy the mood-elevating and anxiety-reducing effects 12th Man OG offers.

Overall, the aroma of 12th Man OG is pungent and sharp with earthy, pine, and, of course, Kush notes. The flavor accurately reflects what with a distinctly sweet taste thrown into the mix.

The plant itself also draws heavily from its Indica heritage in that its stature is stout, rather than tall and stretching, which is characteristic of Sativa and Sativa-dominant hybrids. This makes the plant an excellent choice for growers who are limited in space.

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