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A Heavily Indica Dominant Hybrid Strain

This strain is a product of a four-way crossbreed between Northern Lights, Ortega, Hash Plant, and Afghani SA, all strong indicas. THC potency is fairly high in Black Domina, topping at least 18% in some tests. Black Domina, the child of Sensi Seeds, is 95% Indica, and the effects are instantly recognisable. So, the users out there looking for a giddy high best look elsewhere.

The buds of Black Domina, are dark green and purple, with dense, frosty trichomes and lots of sticky resin. The flavour contains notes of citrus, coffee, and nuts, while the aroma is a combination of berries, citrus, loam, nuts, and spice.

This high is one that a novice should approach with extreme caution. It certainly is not for the faint of heart. An initial, albeit brief euphoria is quickly followed by a numbing sensation that envelopes the body, which culminates into a feeling of nearly overwhelming laziness. This can be quite discombobulating for the beginners out there. Black Domina comes with the possibility of dry mouth and dry eyes, while dizziness and paranoia are less common.

Effective medical uses for this strain include anxiety, low mood, migraine headaches, chronic pain, nausea, stress, and insomnia. Many people choose it for the relief of anxiety, and depression. Black Domina is highly regarded by doctors and dispensaries as a good medical strain.

This strain is fairly easy to come by, as it sells well in Connecticut, Arizona, Colorado, California, and the Pacific Northwest. It may also be found on the black market in many places. It is highly recommended to grow it indoors in a hydroponic setup. Recommended for experienced growers, this strain finishes in 53 to 63 days. It reportedly produces a high yield that is covered in resin 90% of the time, despite being a multi-cross strain.

Black Domina is for those seasoned users looking for a peaceful and sleepy high.

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