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‘88 G13 Hashplant Cannabis Strain

A strain that has been in circulation since the late 1980s ‘88 G13 Hashplant was created by a grower of note, NDNGuy, and circulated by Hazeman Seeds. The strain has since risen to notoriety in cannabis culture as one of the original hashplant strains.

Delivering an intense and tingling experience, ‘88 G13 Hashplantis a strain that dominates the scene when it comes to medium to high potency bud that falls into a category all its own.

While the strain is a mix between Indica and Sativa, it has a larger effect on the body than the mind.

The flavors of ‘88 G13 Hashplant are sweet, spicy, and woody, while the aromas that precede a taste are sweet and citrusy with an earthy musk that lingers in the air.

Despite ‘88 G13 Hashplant’s inclination as being a considerable body-focused strain, it can help with a number of both physical ailments and psychological conditions. Namely, the plant is noted for its ability to alleviate tension and fatigue while also combatting the symptoms associated with anxiety, insomnia, headaches, and depression.

While the strain has been spread far and wide, there are few sources for seeds. This is due in part to the creator shying away from profiting off of the sale of ‘88 G13 Hashplant.

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