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A Hybrid Favored by Medicinal Users

Alien Cookies was created by Passion Dutch. It is a hybrid that is particularly popular with medicinal users. It is a cross of Trainwreck hybrid and Cinderella 99, and it has THC levels of around 16% to 17%.

The flowers have hairs that seem to range from yellow to orange. The smell is an old classic sour diesel, with hints of lemon. When smoked, the flavours are sweet and fruity, with lots of grapes and berries.

Alien Cookies is sativa dominant, which results in an effect that is euphoric, uplifting, relaxing, energizing and happy. While, a large dose will result in a sedative effect, many say that it is helpful in aiding concentration and leaves you able to carry on with day-to-day tasks. As noted, it is popular with medical users, particularly those who suffer from depression and stress. It has also been used to help with chronic pain, vomiting, attention deficit disorder, appetite problems, inflammation and anxiety. As noted, a large dose may result in couchlock, while the side effects of dry mouth and eyes are also common.

Alien Cookies needs good lighting and normal humidity when grown. When grown outside, pesticides and fertilizer will be needed. Furthermore, it will need weekly trimming and watering about three times a day. It is a slow growing strain that takes a lot of patience and work, which means it may not be a good choice for newcomers. However, the results certainly make the effort worthwhile and it produces a good sized yield.


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