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A Powerful Euphoria Inducing Indica

Alien Dawg is an indica cannabis strain that was produced by crossing Alien Technology and Chemdawg. The strain has its origins in Northern California and Afghanistan and it is known for providing a powerful mind and body high.

Alien Dawg has THC levels of around 20% and almost no CBD. While 20% is quite common today, it is a strain known for its potency and it is not recommended for beginners. When consumed, it results in an intense high that leaves people feeling relaxed but not sleepy. However, those who suffer from insomnia have said that smoking it around an hour become going to bed helps them stay asleep and that it helps with anxiety. The strain has also been known to help with pains, spasms and migraines.

In regards to its aroma, there are hints of berry together with a sour and earthy smell that becomes particularly noticeable when it is rubbed between the fingers. Some have described it as being similar to sour candy. There is a sweet woody undertone, which comes from Alien Technology, while the sour smell is a result of Chemdawg.

Users of Alien Dawg report an instant uplifting effect and a feeling of euphoria when smoking it. It leaves people feeling happy and more creative, and can be a powerful social tool. As is usual with cannabis, it may produce a dry mouth or dry eyes.

Alien Dawg is known as a relatively easy strain to grow, both indoors and outdoors. There is no specific information available about the best conditions to grow it in, but it is known that it tends to be bushy, so indoor growers will need to train the plant.

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