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A Relaxing Indica Dominant Hybrid

Dutch Treat is an indica dominant hybrid that was original cultivated in the Pacific Northwest but has become very popular in Amsterdam. It has CBD levels of around 1% and THC levels ranging from 15% all the way up to 30%. This means that it is a very potent strain that may have some medical benefits. It is a good option for both solitary and social use and it won 3rd Best Sativa at the 2012 Southern California Cannabis Cup.

The exact provenance of Dutch Treat is unknown; however, many believe that Jordan of the Islands, an experienced breeder from Vancouver Island, first created it. Jordan of the Islands grows several staple strains and also creates crossbreeds that are sold throughout the Vancouver area. It has been suggested that Northern Lights and Haze are the parents of Dutch Treat, but it is not known for sure.

The strain has clear “bag appeal” and this has made it attractive for innovative crossbreeding. One phenotype of the strain, Dutch Treat #5, has been used to create many other strains. Combined with a Hawaiian sativa landrace it created High Definition, combined with Super Silver Haze it produced Dutch Treat Haze, and when crossed with Electric Haze it produced Electric Treat.

While it is indica dominant, Dutch Treat’s appearance is more sativa. The buds are tapered and conical rather than round, and the leaves are more wispy and soft. The leaves are dark green with golden and yellow pistils underneath a coating of trichomes. The buds have a high resin content and can be difficult to break apart. It does not have a particularly strong smell and the smoke is very smooth and tastes of herbs and pine.

It is a fast hitting strain with a euphoric head rush. It provides an emotional uplift rather than cerebral stimulation, and is perfect for socialising. Soon the head high turns into physical relaxation and this can tip towards sleepiness as the high progresses. In high enough doses, it can bring about couchlock. In addition to the strain’s ability to ease tension, its CBD content may provide some relief from pain, nausea, and insomnia, as well as from mental afflictions like anxiety, PTSD, and attention deficit disorders. The common negative side effects include dry eyes and mouth. Due to Dutch Treat’s body high, it may be better for night time use, and the high can last for two hours.

When grown indoors, Dutch Treat’s shape and height can be controlled through trimming and topping of fan leaves to create a bush that reaches up to 5 feet tall. Outside, the strain can grow far higher in a warm climate. It has a higher than average yield and if grown successfully under ideal conditions each plant can produce between 4 and 8 ounces of flower. Dutch Treat flowers in about 6 to 8 weeks when grown indoors.

Dutch Treat is an excellent strain for relaxing, but not necessarily the best for being productive.  It is best suited for night time use, and is an easy strain for novice growers, as long as they remember to deal with the plant’s height.

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