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An Indica-Dominant Hybrid Cannabis Strain

Alien Rock Candy is a hybrid cannabis strain developed by Alien Genetics. It is slightly indica dominant and it was created by crossing Sour Dubble and Tahoe Alien. The strain has been found to have THC levels between 16% and 18% and it is well known for a balanced high that can be both creative and relaxing.

Visually it is not the most impressive strain. It has small and dense buds that are a dark shade of green and covered with rusty looking pistils. There are trichomes on the inner and outer surfaces of the flower, which makes them sticky. Due to Alien Rock Candy’s high levels of resin, it is very popular when making hash.

The strain has a sweet smell with hints of citrus and musky earth. When ground there are some more sour notes and when burnt, the smoke can be very harsh. However, when exhaled it has a herbal, lemony taste, similar to tea.

Alien Rock Candy’s high comes on slowly. It is normally described as beginning with pressure around the temples and increased cerebral activity. Many feel more perceptive and find it easier to engage with things, particularly tasks that are normally mundane. After a while, a sense of physical relaxation begins, and the larger the dose the more pronounced this becomes, to the point that couchlock may set in. The high is considered very long lasting.

In regards to medical use, it has been known to help those with attention deficit disorders. It may also help with moderate cases of stress, anxiety or depression. Furthermore, the indica properties can help with aches and pains.

Alien Rock Candy is considered easy to grow, both inside and out. It flowers within 8 weeks indoors and will produce a high yield of flowers.

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