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A Rare Sativa from TGA Subcool Seeds

There is no need to be climbing walls or leaping from building to building. Stop thinking about scaling walls. This is the reality – this is as rare as a white leopard and will give you a haze so very sublime. Brought to you by TGA Subcool seeds, Batgirl is a strain that will chill you out on a different level and have you fall in love with your couch. All over again.

There is a kind of hypnosis involved here. Blueberry and Jack’s Cleaner met in an alley-way and got busy and we have been gifted with a heady, potpourri wonderful concoction, with blue and olive-coloured nugs offering a THC range of 18% to 24%. This beautiful combination will most certainly give you a trip through the clouds.

Now, if you’re a gambler, this could be a roll of the dice because users have spoken of a great high followed by a very slow descent into their couch. Others say differently, professing a confused and utterly dazed experience the whole time. Ultimately, the general consensus is that spirits are elevated and a tranquillity and all-enveloping sense of calm is achieved.

Let Batgirl be your guide.

Because of its incredibly high THC levels, it is really good for the treatment of chronic depression, chronic stress, mood swings and severe fatigue. It should be noted that because of Batgirl’s high THC levels, the peak of the high can be quite intense for novices, so be cautious.

There is, unfortunately very little information about growing this strain.

If you are all about a guaranteed stoned and loving it, then Batgirl is your jam. But be warned, do go gentle into that good night.

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