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92 OG Indica blend Genetics

Unearthed by phenohunters in search of the most impressive OG phenotypes, 92 OG has emerged as a standout among the crowd.

This Sativa-dominant strain boasts a formidable average THC content, making it a strong contender for a day-time session for those consumers who consider themselves of intermediate experience or greater.

92 OG is a 60% Sativa, 40% Indica blend of an OG Kush phenotype sought out by geneticists at The Bank Cannabis Genetics. The resulting strain variation provides consumers with a heady buzz that lingers pleasantly alongside a not quite debilitating couch-locked experience. That said, make sure you know how this strain will affect you before making plans around your session.

The strain has been tested to have an average THC content of 22%. Its effects are equally rewarding for both medicinal and recreational users.

Many will attest to this strain’s ability to impart a relaxing and euphoric experience, which helps mitigate the symptoms associated with chronic pain and fatigue.

Additionally, the Sativa genetics of the plant are exhibited in its ability to help consumers focus on tasks with a buoyant disposition. Stress and anxiety can fall by the wayside as a result.

The buds exude a characteristic Kush aroma with earthy and piney notes. Its flavors will be found to mirror the aroma in equally potent measure with the addition of sweet and spicy character. The buds appear dark-green and are not necessarily dense or uniform in shape.

Those looking to grow 92 OG may have luck procuring seeds or cuttings from The Bank Cannabis Genetics. If successful, the plant is suitable for both indoor and outdoor operations, though it will thrive in an atmosphere closely mimicking the region from which Kush plants are derived. Pruning will help produce a sturdy plant and promote air circulation to keep excess moisture, and mold, at bay.

92 OG Cannabis Strain Profile

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