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An Indica Dominant Hybrid from Seed Junky Genetics

Animal Land is a hybrid cannabis strain that was developed by Seed Junky Genetics by crossing Candyland and Animal Cookies. The strain is known for its sweet yet gassy terpene profile and the balanced high that it provides. It is an indica dominant strain with very low CBD levels.

Animal Land produces buds that are fluffy and large with a minty green appearance and covered in orange hairs and milky amber crystal trichomes. As noted, it has a sweet and fruity flavor and a strong gassy aroma.

It is an uplifting and relaxing high that begins with a light lift that fills creates a cerebral state complete with a sense of euphoria, driving away all negative thoughts with unfocused bliss. As the mind settles, the body will soon follow suit, culminating in deep sedation and couchlock, which is usually followed by a deep and restful sleep. As such, it is perfect for use in the evenings after a busy day, but some may find it a less sociable strain due to its heavy sedative properties.

Animal Land is a highly potent strain with average THC levels of 23% to 26%, and sometimes even higher. Its properties and potency means that in addition to being an excellent choice for recreational users, it is also popular with medicinal users. Many have said that it can help with chronic stress, depression, mood swings, insomnia, chronic pain, and muscle spasms or cramps.

It is not easy to find Animal Land seeds, so home growers may have to pick a different strain. However, it is widely sold in dispensaries.

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