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An Out of This World Hybrid from Green Gene

Area 51 is a rare hybrid cannabis strain from Green Gene and its genetics are a mystery. However, it produces a full body high that is loved by users everywhere.

The strain is balanced 50/50 and it has impressive THC levels ranging from 20% up to 23%. This means that it has a strong effect on both mind and body. The nugs have a rich olive green color and orange hairs that are covered in huge white trichomes. It gives off an aroma of flowers and citrus, while the flavors are very similar.

As you may have guessed from the name, Area 51 produces an out of this world high that hits the mind and body hard. It is a hugely uplifting high right from the start complete with full body tingles and euphoria. After the initial wave, your focus will begin to sharpen and you will become more social. Then, as it levels out, a mellow sensation spreads to the limbs, leaving you feeling utterly relaxed.

Many people believe Area 51 to be hugely beneficial medically. They claim that it can uplift and invigorate, and therefore help with conditions such as chronic fatigue. Furthermore, some find that it helps with mood or attention disorders, as the strain is specifically designed to uplift the mind. Therefore, it is a good choice for anyone who suffers from depression, stress, ADHD, and so on. Furthermore, the body relaxation means that it can alleviate muscle cramps and mild to moderate pain.

Unfortunately, Area 51 is considered a difficult strain to grow, especially in a home environment. It requires close monitoring of the plant at all stages of the growth cycle and as the genetics are not known, it can be difficult to know how best to nurture the plant.

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