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A Hybrid from Gage Green Genetics

Banana Puff is a balanced hybrid cannabis strain that was developed by Gage Green Genetics in Southern California by crossing Banana OG and Joseph OG.

It provides a combination of physical relaxation and mental calm. It clears the mind and some people also find it enhances creativity. Physically it won’t lead to couchlock, but it will leave the body feeling very relaxed and lazy. As such, it is best used in the evening or on days when you do not need to achieve anything.

As the name suggests, Banana Puff has an aroma of bananas, but there are also spicy notes and the smoke brings with it earthy tones and herbal skunkiness. The flavour is also that of bananas, which is evident from the very first drag. However, there are also hints of herbal skunk and a blend of sweet fruits. On the exhale the skunk becomes more prominent but the aftertaste is that of bananas.

The plant has olive coloured buds and rich green leaves. The buds are dense and they are covered in a layer of frosty white trichomes.

It is an excellent strain for beginner growers. It grows quickly and the plants do not require much attention. They can flower in as little as seven weeks when grown indoors and will produce a large yield. Furthermore, it is easy to find seeds for sale online. When grown outdoors, the plants prefer a dry climate similar to that of Southern California’s, where the strain was developed.


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