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A Mostly Sativa Variety

This bud will knock your socks off. Berry Tite is a hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing Berries and Cream with Mactite, and is a beauty that will ask you to enjoy a visceral high.

Unapologetic with its clusters of tightly woven nugs, these flowers give off an aroma of tart and fruit, with hints of strawberries and blueberries. Having a toke off Berry Tite is like enjoying a Strawberry and Blueberry smoothie with milk/cream, complimented by malt and rotten fruits. The fruitiness comes armed with some Colombian cream flavours.

The effects can be very uplifting and good for daily use with its mood enhancing qualities.

Berry Tite is a mostly sativa variety from Seattle Chronic Seeds and can be cultivated indoors (where the plants will need a flowering time of roughly 64 days) and outdoors.

This wonderful bud is an ideal choice for those who suffer from social awkwardness. Because of its happy-go-lucky qualities, Berry Tite is a must for those folk out there who may be cursed with fatigue. Furthermore, it is a strain that may be able to help alleviate mild cases of depression and anxiety, while many have also found that it can reduce stress levels.

Ultimately, Berry Tite is a gorgeous excuse for a pick me up, owing to its sativa leanings. Packed with fruity and creamy flavours and tastes, this bud is for those who crave for a lighter, more uplifting time.

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