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An Indica Dominant Hybrid Strain

Created by the mad professors at Andromeda Strains, Black Magic is a cross between Buckeye Purple and Cherry Sauce, boasting a sturdy 17% THC level that ultimately bequeaths the user a beautifully calming and sleepy high.

The forest-green nugs of Black Magic are covered with splotches of purple, dark orange hairs, while translucent amber trichomes dot all visible surfaces of these flowers, giving them a slightly golden glow. The smell is pungent and sweet, with notes of grape, while the flavor is fruity and sweet. On the exhale, this smoke mixes cocoa-like flavors with a chemical aftertaste.

The indica body high is buzzy, calming, and sleepy, with intense couch-lock effects. Smokers can push the psychedelic properties of this bud to the max with some atmospheric music or a visually stimulating movie. Black Magic can also provide a great background buzz for daydreaming or simply for kicking back and chilling. Because of its slow dip into laziness and sedation, Black Magic is recommended for the afternoon through nighttime use.

Black Magic’s consistently mellow mood can temporarily soothe the symptoms of stress, depression, anxiety, and PTSD. It is also an ideal choice for the treatment of physical pain and arthritis. Because of its tendency to bring about the munchies, it can help those who suffer from appetite loss.

Unfortunately for those looking to cultivate Black Magic at home, seeds of the strain are not available online. Instead, clippings can be taken from mature, healthy plants of the strain and these can be propagated as genetically identical “clones.” The plant can then be grown indoors or outdoors and will reach flowering maturity in about 9 weeks.

Do yourself a favour and allow yourself to fall under Black Magic’s seductive spell. Reach for this delicious bud at the end of the day to make the most of its sleep-inducing qualities.

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