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A Blissful 50/50 Hybrid

The Gage Green Group made Agharta by crossing Colorado Bubba with Grateful Breath. It is a very evenly balanced hybrid, roughly 50/50 sativa and indica. The well-known Colorado Bubba, which has won awards, brings its Northern Lights and OG characteristics to this strain, while the Grateful Breath adds density, yield and potency.

The strain, which is named after the mythological city at the center of the Earth, has an aroma of raspberries and other forest fruits. This extends to the taste, which has hints of fruit, pine and diesel. In regards to the high, Agharta is considered to be very relaxing. Most people will find it puts them in a state of bliss, with a calm and lazy body that feels as if it is moving through treacle. Those who enjoy CBD tend to enjoy Agharta, as do those who suffer from anxiety, depression, or stress and are looking for a strain to help them calm down.

As with many cannabis strains, common negative side effects of Agharta include dry mouth and dehydrated eyes. However, these effects are no more prevalent than with any other strain, and some people report no side effects at all.

Agharta can be cultivated indoors, where the plants will have a flowering time of around 53 days, as well as outdoors, and it will provide medium yields. When grown indoors it must be trimmed once or twice to ensure healthy growth and give access to growing buds. It grows into bush-shaped plants with strong branches that are full of thick, resinous buds.

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