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A Balanced and Energising Hybrid

Not to be confused with the almost identically named “Banana Cream,” the Banana Cream OG strain is a hybrid with an evenly balanced 50% indica to 50% sativa. It came about as a result of a delectable cross between Ocean Beach OG, Blue Dream and Banana OG.

Banana Cream OG embodies notes of sweet creaminess, fresh ripe bananas, with delightful hints of citrus and mint, resulting in a stunning combination of flavours. Its aroma also has a hint of sweet banana cream, with an earthy undertone and touches of pine and citrus as well.

With its ability to create feelings of both euphoria and relaxation, Banana Cream OG is ideal for those moments when wanting to sit back and unwind after a long and arduous day. It leaves a wonderful feeling of joy and positivity, eradicating any racing or negative thoughts from the mind, whilst creating a tingling effect that makes the brain feel stimulated. It can be described as a slowly building body-high, which gently takes over as all fog is lifted from the brain, leaving a relaxed state of calm which doesn’t have the side effect of leaving one feeling sedated or tired.

Because of its moderate THC level, alongside the aforementioned combination of effects, Banana Cream OG is often touted as the ideal for helping alleviate such ailments as depression, anxiety, migraines or headaches, all types of chronic physical pain, painful eye pressure, and mood-swings.

Banana Cream OG’s nugs are bright green with honey coloured undertones, similarly coloured hairs, and imbued with a layer of bright golden crystalline trichomes.

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