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An Evenly Balanced Hybrid Strain

Created by the devilish minds at Green Mountain Collective, Black Cherry Pie packs a powerful punch, owing to its intimidating THC levels of between 20% – 26%. Its deliciously fruity flavour comes from the fact that it is created from crossing the Cherry Pie and Blackberry Kush strains.

Black Cherry Pie has large, impressive flowers. These oversized blossoms maintain a solid, tapered shape, coloured by a mix of mossy green and deep purple. These buds are finished off with a sprinkling with icy white trichomes. The aromas coming off these buds are, unsurprisingly, very fruity with notes of berry and plum as well as hints of dried wood and soil. The smooth smoke is rich with fruity and sour flavours and is quite easily ingestible.

The high from Black Cherry Pie is one that wastes no time and goes straight to the head. After an initial sense of euphoria, this is quickly replaced with a sharpened focus and intense thoughts. This cerebral activation can help motivated users to get work done on analytical tasks. Black Cherry Pie can also spark creative inspiration for artistic projects or open-ended brainstorming sessions. For those in social situations, these buds will aid in achieving and enjoying free-flowing conversations. This strain can contribute to couch lock, and eventually, sleep.

Black Cherry Pie is an ideal choice for those who suffer from stress and depression. On the physical side, it can greatly benefit sufferers of pain, inflammation and cramps. Caution is advised for those who are prone to panic and paranoia.

Seeds of Black Cherry Pie are not for sale online. Those who wish to grow this plant at home should obtain “clones,” or clippings from mature, healthy plants. They can be grown both indoors and outdoors and will reach maturity within about 8 to 9 weeks when grown indoors.

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