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A Sativa-Dominant Hybrid

Bango is a rare beast. It was initially conceived as a sativa dominant hybrid strain. This wonderment, relative to the creations born in Frankenstein’s laboratory, was birthed as a cross between the incredibly powerful Mango Kush X and the wickedly good Fire Akien OG strains. What a partnership. IT’S ALIVE!

These buds, after the experimental madness that preceded their creation, have lumpy dense neon green nugs with impressive golden undertones. These, coupled with bright orange hairs and a coating of clear crystal trichomes, make for an eye-watering hope that a smoky dance may occur.

Before you approach this bud, you should be aware that Bango is Egyptian slang for cannabis, and thus requires the ultimate in respect. The taste is a heavily jewelled mango-infused delight that will belly-dance on your tongue while seducing you.

The aromas from Bango are equally enthralling, with a rush of sweet tropical fruits getting down with a tangy, pungent and delicious earth. The senses will clamber for the front door to gasp and enjoy.

Bango will pick up the bat and take a swing after the first or second exhales. You will be sent into a world where your mood will excel and your social energy will hit a wonderful high. Your out-going abilities will be recognised from the moon. Any anxiety, social or otherwise will be crushed.

The munchies will always be a few steps behind, drooling on the carpet, so be sure to have snacks at the ready.

Bango, thanks to its high 14%-22% THC level and the resultant effects is absolutely perfect to help and treat conditions like depression, mood swings, headaches and nausea.

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