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A Sativa Strain Designed for Relaxation

Similar to the well-known AK-47 strain, AK-49, developed by Vision Seeds, is known for its balanced effects. It is enjoyed by newcomers and experienced smokers alike, thanks to its wonderful flavors and positive energies. However, despite being much liked, it is a rare strain.

AK-49 has around 20% THC, which is widely considered a good balanced strength. The buds are compact with lots of pistils and crystals, and they give off aromas of skunk and sandalwood, resulting in a slightly sweet and highly pungent smell.

Those looking to relax and enter a euphoric state use the stain.  It is sativa dominant, but the sense of relaxation is in no way heavy. People using AK-49 normally feel highly creative and energetic, allowing them to get things done while enjoying the high. Because of this, it has also proved popular with medical patients suffering from mood disorders, such as depression and stress. AK-49 has also been known to help with fatigue, as well as getting rid of aches and headaches. However, those with issues that are more serious are likely to prefer a strain with more THC or CBD.

The origins of AK-49 are not clear. It seems that it may be a blend of Mexican, Thai, Afghani and Colombian strains, but this is not certain. Therefore, it can be quite hard to grow at home. However, feminized seeds are available and the strain usually takes 10 to 12 weeks to mature.

Ultimately, this is a very gentle strain that is perfect for relaxing and kicking back, or for providing a small ‘pick me up’ in the middle of a long week.


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