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An Indica Dominant Hybrid of Unknown Origins

Albert Walker is an indica dominant hybrid cannabis strain, but no one has ever claimed it, which means its exact genetics are unknown. Many people believe that it is a descendant of Afghan Skunk and that it has its origins somewhere in the Pacific Northwest. The strain became very popular in the 1980s and 1990s, particularly through Grateful Dead concerts. Like its theorized parent, Albert Walker has flavors of lemons and skunk, and it is a very aromatic strain that smells almost the same as Afghan Skunk.

When consumed, Albert Walker results in a strong cerebral and physical high. The high will often start with a wave of heat and many users find themselves sweating. This comes together with a rush of euphoric energy, which can help alleviate tiredness, stress and anxiety. The high generally lasts for around three hours or a bit longer, and it is a popular strain with those who suffer from chronic pain and attention deficit disorders.

The similarities between Albert Walker and Afghan Skunk are not limited to its smell and taste. Both strains also have a small indica structure. Albert Walker can be grown outside, but it is most often grown inside with the help of organic nutrients. On average, it takes between seven and ten weeks to produce a large yield. However, it is not a very stable strain, so this can vary a lot.

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