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An Indica Dominant Hybrid Strain

There exists two schools of thought on the exact make-up of the Blue Cookies strain. One side claim that it was created by crossing the Blueberry and Girl Scout Cookies strains. The other side believe that it is a cross between the F1Durb (an indica-dominant descendant of Durban Poison) and Florida OG (a little known indica) strains. Either way, this bud packs a powerful punch, owing to its intimidating 25-28% average THC level and 2% CBD level that delivers a potent and energetic high.

Blue Cookies dense nugs have a dark bluish tint, as well as a thick layer of resinous crystals on the surface. The aromas that emanate from the broken-apart buds have a simultaneously fruity and dank smell. The flavours are of sweet candy with notes of orange and earth, with some skunk on the exhale.

Blue Cookies hits fast beginning with a buzzing head high and euphoria that might take some people by surprise. It is soon followed by an intense physical high that slightly mellows down the cerebral rush. This energetic high is equally ideal for a hike as it is for a relaxed evening on the couch. Always have a few snacks at the ready, as Blue Cookies will most certainly deliver on the munchies. Novice consumers should approach this bud with caution and use in moderation, but veterans will delight in its potency.

As a result of these effects and its insanely high 25-28% THC level, Blue Cookies is ideal for the treatment of anxiety, low mood, headaches, irritability, and persistent physical pain. Insomniacs will find solace in this bud, as it will deliver a deep and restful sleep.

Seeds of Blue Cookies are very elusive to find. Consequently, potential growers may need to obtain clippings from mature plants of the strain in order to grow healthy clones. Once procured, this plant can be grown either indoors or outdoors. Indoors, it will grow between 56 and 63 days. Outdoors, expect it to flower in the last week of September.

If it’s an energetic, euphoric and well-balanced you are seeking, then Blue Cookies is the perfect bud for you.


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