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An Indica Cross of Wembley and Somango

Anubis is an indica cannabis strain that was developed by Pyramid Seeds by crossing Wembley and Somango. It is known for its relaxing high that is not overly sedative thanks to average THC levels of 15% to 18%.

Anubis nugs are fluffy and olive green with some purple, and they are covered by thick bright white trichomes. The flavors include tropical fruits, earthy citrus, grapes, and grapefruit, and much of this is present in the smell as well.

The high from Anubis is euphoric and highly creative. It will sharpen the mind and inspire you. This is accompanied by a body high that results in tingles and for many, a full on couch lock. These properties also make it medically beneficial and it has been known to help treat chronic pain, chronic fatigue, stress, depression, and insomnia. The negative side effects include dry eyes and mouth, and in heavy dosages, it could cause mild dizziness.

Anubis is considered a very easy strain to grow, so it is a good choice for newcomers. Almost any method can be used to grow it, but the plants may need some support as the buds become bigger and heavier. Many growers use trellising, tomato cages, plant yoyos and so on to prevent the branches from bending. The plants can grow to anything from 70cm up to 120cm and they will flower in around 8 or 9 weeks. When grown indoors it produces a large yield of 600 grams per square meter.

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