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60 Day Lemon Cannabis Strain

60 Day Lemon in an auto-flowering, Indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain that combines a sessionable and relaxing high with a short time to maturity to entice growers of all skill levels.

An 80% Indica, 20% Sativa split, 60 Day Lemon is a cross of Lemon skunk and cannabis Ruderalis. The resulting strain provides a top-shelf worthy bud derived from a plant with a quick turnaround time from seed to harvest. 60 Day Lemon was created by the geneticists at DNA Genetics as a strain that beginner growers can use to build a foundational understanding of cultivation and will find success from first leaves to final harvest.

The strain tests at an average THC content of 13.5% and reliably imparts a functional state of relaxation. As a result, 60 Day Lemon is a favorite among new cannabis users. Mindfulness, sociability, and mild euphoria make this strain that is versatile and whose use can complement several situations. Whether it is used recreationally or medicinally, you will find them relaxing and calming effects of 60 Day Lemon moderately potent without being overpowering. Consider adding 60 Day Lemon to your wellness regimen if you’re suffering from stress, anxiety, or nausea.

60 Day Lemon emits an abundance of citrus and when it comes to aroma. Its flavor is equally as sharp, which can leave one salivating. Buds are strikingly dense and heavily resinous.

Anyone looking for an easy entry into cannabis growing will find a suitable candidate in 60 Day Lemon. This auto-flowering strain will reach harvest time in just 9 to 10 weeks after germination. The strain thrives on neglect, though advanced growing techniques, like SCROG, will further improve yields.

60 Day Lemon Cannabis Strain Profile

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