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A Select Kushishima Cut from 3C Farms

Anonymous OG is an indica cannabis strain developed by 3C Farms. It is a select cut of their famous Kushishima strain and it has been a huge success with fans. Anonymous OG has average THC levels of around 20%.

The strain’s buds are dense and deep blue, wrapped in dark green calyxes that are covered in sticky resin and trichomes. Anonymous OG has flavors of citrus with pungent notes and earthy undertones. Its aroma is very similar, but it becomes sweeter and more diesel like as the buds are broken up.

The high from Anonymous OG is perfect for the end of the day. It is very laid back and somewhat sleepy, but is accompanied by tingles and a sense of euphoria that washes over the entire body. The high begins in the head and gradually works its way down, leaving the user feeling entirely relaxed. It makes the mind hazy, but not completely numb. Furthermore, it will induce both the munchies and couch lock, so prepare snacks.

Many people have found Anonymous OG to have medicinal benefits. It has been used to help with insomnia, chronic pains, eye pressure, migraines, and muscle spasms. Furthermore, as a powerful sedative, it provides almost instant relief. In small doses, it can also help with nausea and lack of appetite. Many have also found it to help with chronic stress, depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder.

The seeds are rare, as is the strain itself. However, it is not impossible to come across and those who do so nearly always report enjoying the experience.

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