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A Hybrid Strain from Seed Junky Genetics

Animal Face is a hybrid cannabis strain that was created by Seed Junky Genetics. It is a cross between Face Off OG and Animal Mints that results in a very high THC content of 26%, making it perfect for lazy afternoons or evening use.

The Animal Face nugs are dense and dark but covered with bright amber trichomes. It has a complex flavor profile complete with sweet nuts, earth and mint. The smell is closer to pine and diesel, and it is very pungent when smoked.

The high from Animal Face is usually intensely cerebral to begin with. It comes with a wave of euphoria and before long, focus becomes difficult, so it is not a good strain to smoke on busy days. This is followed by physical relaxation, complete with tinges running from head to toe.

It is a very popular recreational strain, but many medicinal users also find it beneficial. Many have said that Animal Face is very helpful in regards to anxiety and depression. Furthermore, it can help with physical pain as it relaxes the body, and may also help with insomnia. Essentially, it is an excellent strain for anyone looking to relax.

Unfortunately, it is hard to come by seeds of Animal Face, so home growers may struggle to find it. Furthermore, it can be a hard strain to find on dispensary shelves. However, if you do come across seeds, then you can expect it to flower within 9 to 11 weeks and produce a medium sized yield.

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