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An Indica from Bodhi Seeds

Ancient OG is a hugely popular cannabis strain from Bodhi Seeds that was developed by crossing the Iranian Landrace and Snow Lotus strains. It is a moderately strong strain with average THC levels of 15% to 21%, but the high is certainly powerful.

The buds are small and minty green with dark orange hairs and frosted trichomes. When smoked, there is a broad spectrum of flavors including sweet, savory, earthy, and tart. The smoke has a pine-like aroma with hint of earth and grass.

Thanks to its sedative properties, it is a strain that is very popular with medicinal users who suffer from chronic pain, depression and stress. Many will also use it to help with nausea and a lack of appetite. The high can be deceptive; it will make you feel as if the energy will last and that it is safe to increase the dosage, but this will likely lead to full on couchlock. As such, newcomers should treat Ancient OG with some caution.

Professional growers recommend the sea of green gardens technique for this strain. It can be successfully grown both indoors and outdoors, but the yields will be different. It delivers a large yield and when grown indoors, it takes about 10 weeks to flower.

Ancient Kush is a good choice for the evening when you want to fill energized but know that relaxation is coming. It is the perfect balance of mental energy and body buzz, making it popular with all types of users.

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