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A Rare Hybrid Cannabis Strain

Apple Cake is a hybrid strain of cannabis that was developed by crossing Animal Cookies with Sunset Sherbert and Sour Apple. The plant has a strong smell of spicy apple and kush that will remind people of Jolly Ranchers. It is not a particularly potent strain, with average THC levels of around 16%, but it is known for providing excellent relief.

Not much is known about Apple Cake at present. Based upon user reviews, it seems that many find it provides mental relief and will help with issues such as insomnia. The high provides an overwhelming sense of relaxation and it will help to take away aches and pains. As such, it may be beneficial to those who suffer from anxiety, depression, or sleeping disorders. Furthermore, most users of Apple Cake report that is makes them hungry, so it can help to stimulate the appetite.

It does not seem to be possible to purchase Apple Cade seeds online, which means that those interested in growing it will need to find existing plants to take cuttings from that can then be grown as clones. As a hybrid, it is likely that Apple Cake can be grown both indoors and outside in warm, semi-humid climates with constant temperatures. Based upon its parents, it will probably have a flowering time of around 9 weeks when grown indoors.

Apple Cake is currently a rare cannabis strain, but it has a growing fan base and it can be bought at many dispensaries. As such, it is likely that more will become known about it as time goes on.

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