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An Indica with a Strong Subduing Body

Barbara Bud is a wonderful strain that has earned many plaudits, including several European and Canadian cannabis awards. It is a cross between Shiskaberry and an Afghani indica landrace and the THC content of this particular strain measures somewhere between 10% and 19%.

The almost cylindrical shape of the Barbara Bud flowers stamps their indica heritage and intentions quite clear. They have wonderfully densely packed leaves that tightly curl on their way home to the central stem.

When ground, Barbara Bud’s thick and earthy buds releases a lovely hashy and spicy scent. This simple action makes one appreciate the double dose of Afghani in this strains background. When exhaling this beauty, one is populated by a beautiful citrus possession.

Barbara’s high is a very subtle affair. There is a slight tingle around the temples, followed by an easing of any kinds of pre-occupations and stresses. The extremities of the body are rewarded and muscles are gifted with a welcome relaxation. Barbara is all about the physical tranquillity. The conversation can stay strong though, as this bud will keep you grinding on a cerebral level. No-one will be peeling you off the couch. Just know, Barbara will get you eventually, so be respectful, and find your good place eventually, because this is an evening enjoyment.

The mood-altering properties of Barbara can have temporary positive effects on depression, stress and different types of anxiety. Physical ailments and discomforts from arthritic pain and fibromyalgia through to injury-related pain can be eased by Barbara Bud’s unique powers. It can also stimulate hunger, making it a wonderful supplement for those whose appetites have been decreased due to chemotherapy or disease.

Seeds of this beauty can be obtained through a range of retailers. Cultivation can be achieved indoors or out. Having said that, outdoor cultivation will require a Mediterranean-like humidity and climate. Barbara Bud normally flowers within a short 7 to 8 weeks when grown indoors.

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