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An Indica Dominant Hybrid Strain

The exact lineage of this bud is shrouded in mystery, but what is known that it is the creation of those mad alchemists at BioQueen Genetics. It is widely speculated that it is a cross between the Diamond OG and Blue Dream strains, but whatever its genetic make-up is, Blue Diamond packs a powerful punch. Owing to its above-average 18% average THC level, its 0.67% CBD level and 0.58% CBN level, it gifts the user a euphoric, focused and deeply relaxing high.

The buds of Blue Diamond are small to medium sized and triangular in shape. Green and purple leaves are shot through with red and orange pistils. Crystalline trichomes dot these colourful flowers, giving them a slightly white sheen. When broken apart, the buds release the sweet and hashy smell that is similar to that of blueberries into the air, as well as a hint of pineapple. The flavour exhibits the same traits as its aroma, and a mild taste of pineapple adds to its already delightful taste.

The high from Blue Diamond takes hold after a few minutes. Users will be filled with a euphoric buzz that leads to a profound joy. This cerebral heaven gifts the user the capability to focus and concentrate on creative tasks, so it is advisable to have pen and paper close by. As this wonderful high starts to work its way throughout the body, users will feel the tensions in the muscles evaporate. While their body feels heavier, the soothing feeling spreads, eventually leading to a full-body relaxation. Over-indulgence will, inevitably lead to couch-lock. Because of its sedative nature, Blue Diamond is best enjoyed in the evening or at night.

As a result of these effects, Blue Diamond is an ideal choice for the treatment of depression, anxiety, chronic pain, appetite loss and insomnia.

Seeds are available from BioQueen Genetics, and can be grown indoors and out. Indoors, this plant will flower in 8 weeks. Outdoors, expect it to flower sometime in September.

For a creative, euphoric and, ultimately relaxing high, reach for Blue Diamond.

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