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An Energetic Sativa from Ace Seeds

Bangi Haze has your number. If are lucky enough to happen upon this bud of buds, you will be immediately seduced by its intoxicating aroma of honey and liquor. This has the proud distinguishment of being a rare concoction and combination created by Ace Seeds through the marrying of Congolese and Nepalese strains, to create Bangi Haze.

What has been cultivated from these two different flowers, is a Nepalese incense aroma that won’t waste any time seducing you followed quickly by an energetic high from the Congolese sativa. If you could imagine the pulsating Congolese drumming with a background of Nepalese chiming, you are in the ball-park of the auditory effects of this incredible bud.

The Bangi Haze buds are a very dense affair. The beautiful flowers are packed tightly and bursting with generous trichomes.

Whether you are chilling at home or surrounded by a bustling street-scape, Bangi Haze can be your friend. Its seductive qualities can enable comfort all around, be it socially or on your own.

The structure of these buds is columnar and compact. The flowering of these guys will take 9-10 weeks indoors or beginning in late September or early October outdoors. The plant will, on average, reach a medium height.

If you want to be raised up and want to maintain that uplift, then Bangi Haze is your jam. Take out the drums while reciting the Tibetan Book of the Dead and you will be flying high in the friendly sky.

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