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8 Ball Kush Indica strain

With the notoriety of Hindu Kush varieties weighing down on consumers’ expectations, 8 Ball Kush finely delivers on anticipations.

The strain is a creation of the geneticists at Barney’s Farm, who developed 8 Ball Kush from an Afghani landrace strain. The highly potent flower imparts a journey to the region with its characteristic smells, tastes, and character.

As a pure Indica strain, 8 Ball Kush can be expected to pack a wallop, while stopping short of locking down consumers for the duration of their experience.

The strain contains a considerable average THC content of 18%. Not only this, the strain doubles down on beneficial compounds with a CBD content of 5%. This makes the overall 8 Ball Lush experience much more well-rounded and enjoyable for the individual.

Most will find the strain to make them relaxed, focused, and joyful overall. Chances are if you have depression, anxiety, body aches, and pains, or inflammation, this strain can be of some benefit to you.

8 Ball Kush has an evenly distributed flower profile with an abundance of wiring hairs ranging in color from dark amber to bright white. The calyxes are coated in a thick bramble of sticky trichomes.

The strain’s flavor is reminiscent of the afghan genes it represents with spiced and earthy tones in aroma and flavor.

8 Ball Kush makes an excellent strain for growers of every skill level. Its Indica genes ensure a stout and resilient plant that manages to evade many common diseases that plague less robust varieties.

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