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Ace High aspect of Sativa qualities

Emphasizing the ace in the whole aspect of Sativa qualities, this strain can pull you out of a rut and put you on par with Picasso, well maybe not, in terms of creative drive. This strain, which boasts nearly 20% average THC content is a 75% Sativa and 25% Indica cross. The resulting product provides effects known far and wide to boost the mental acuity of users and instill a sense of serenity that is both mood-elevating and relaxing.

Ace High comes from the breeders at Greenpoint Seeds and consists of a combination of Ohio cut Lemon G and Star Dawg. Each parent is noteworthy in their own right, but together they create a greater whole.

Ace High will most often be used to alleviate the symptoms associated with fatigue, stress, chronic pain, acute pain, cramps, and inflammation. The side effects most often include dry mouth, which is not uncommon and can be remedied with an ample source of fluids.

The aromas associated with Ace High are contrary to what one might expect of a quality cannabis strain. When scents like ammonia and citrus are married together, it can remind one of an off-brand bathroom cleaner. Fortunately, the aromas don’t carry too strongly over to the flavors, which are predominantly citrusy and fruity.

Plants will reach a medium to tall stature, meaning they’ll do best in outdoor settings when height is a goal. Otherwise, they can be trained to do well in confined spaces. Flowering is relatively long at an average of 75 days.

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