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9D4 is an Indica-dominant strain

A feminize combination of 1994 Super Skunk and Gorilla Glue #4 R1, this strain is a fast-to-flower plant with a THC concentration to entice every level of consumer.

Put together by the geneticists at ETHOS Genetics, this stinky, sticky strain is one to behold. With an average THC content of 22%, the strain is powerful enough to leave new smokers a bit overwhelmed while those experienced get plenty of use out of their flowers. Fortunately, this strain also offers consumers a smack of CBD to round things out. That percentage is a bit less precise, ranging from 1-4% in lab tests. However, the addition is a welcome one. The results are pleasant and can help address an array of mood disorders, anxiety, and chronic pain.

The plant is touted by the developers at ETHOS as “a beast of a plant” which produces substantial yields of big buds absolutely lousy white and amber trichomes. The flowers are a beautiful contrast to the plant’s dark, forest-green foliage.

The smells are a sharp and pungent perfume of skunk, which is a quality that positively dominates this strain’s profile from fragrance to flavor.

9D4 can flower in as few as 49 days, but growers at ETHOS insist this plant continues to put on heavy, sticky buds well into its 70th day. So, depending on your level of patience, this strain can provide either a quick turnaround crop or a substantial boon if you want to keep flowers on the stalk until the last possible moment.

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